The SMLCA 2021 virtual AGM will be held on Wednesday, October 27 starting at 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm and all registration and proxy forms must be received by Monday, October 11TH, 2021 at 5:00PM.

Pre-Registration Form is Available at: Pre-Registration_Form.pdf

Optional Proxy Form is Available at:

Candidates Running for Election (Bios available at

  1. Harold Toiviainen (Current Director Running for Re-election)
  2. Denise Edwards (Current Director Running for Re-election)
  3. Craig Cameron (Current Director Running for Re-election)
  4. Rick Jocsak (Current Director Running for Re-election)
  5. Bernadette Mitchell (Current Director Running for Re-election)
  6. Jason Wilson (Current Director Running for Re-election)
  7. Brian Ingham (Current Director Running for Re-election)
  8. Ted Mackay (New Director Candidate)
  9. Dawn Hentz (New Director Candidate)


Full details including commentary and board considerations is available at

Motions Raised by Members:

  1. Topic: The SMLCA Annual Fireworks Show raised by David Opheim.
  2. Topic: The Fireworks on Six Mile Lake in general raised by David Opheim.
  3. Topic: Safe boating practices raised by David Opheim.
  4. Topic: Improved High-Speed Internet raised by Gordon Vandevalk.

Motions Raised by the Current SMLCA Board of Directors:

  1. Topic: Virtual AGM
  2. Topic: AGM Timing (June vs. October)
  3. Topic: Adopt New Vision
  4. Topic: Adopt New Mission
  5. Topic: Adopt New Values

The board has worked hard to encourage your participation and will try to help you attend online so that you can keep up-to-date and vote.  If you aren’t comfortable attending a meeting online, then perhaps a family member (proxy) will agree to participate for (with) you.  We hope to see you at this year’s AGM

As always, if you need any help with registration or printing out a form, please reach out to any Director or contact us at You can also drop off your registration forms with anyone on the membership team.


SMLCA Board of Directors


Pre-Registration: All paid-up SMLCA Members (or designated Members) attending the meeting must register in advance of the meeting so that we have time to confirm email addresses and phone numbers that will enable Members to attend and vote at the meeting using the Zoom webinar platform. We’ll also confirm that proxy voters are verified and only one Member (or designate or proxy) is voting per property.

Upon Successful Registration: After successfully registering, participants will be emailed an AGM package including: meeting invitation link, meeting procedures and rules, the AGM agenda, the 2020 AGM Minutes, financial statements, voting procedures and motions. Note: For those unable to join through the internet, a phone-in only option is also available. More details will come in the registration package email.

Motions: Due to the challenges of using an online platform and conducting business online, there will be no voting for amended motions or motions from the floor at this meeting. However, there will be a question-and-answer period for any questions you’d like to ask or topics you’d like to discuss. Any motion approved during the Virtual AGM that repeals, amends or adds a by-law affecting how the SMLCA functions will require (as per our By-law #4, Clause 10.2) a second Special Resolutions meeting of Members duly called for the purpose of considering such a by-law change. Each Member will have the option of speaking once, either for or against any motion, with a limit of two minutes maximum.

Reminder of Key Dates:

  • September 13: Pre-registration opens for the virtual AGM. The registration form is available at
  • September 27: Last call for any Director candidates to submit bios to and last call for any motions or agenda items for the AGM to
  • October 11: Pre-registration closes for virtual AGM.
  • Week of October 18: AGM packages are emailed to all Members who’ve pre-registered.
  • October 27: Virtual AGM