DockTalk is a program designed to educate cottagers on a variety of environmental issues.
It focuses on one-on-one meetings between cottagers and trained environmental advisers to help owners better assess the impact of their properties and related cottage activities on the environment.  The matters discussed will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Through these meetings it is hoped that the residents of our lake will identify specific areas where environmental practices can be improved, and to gain a deeper appreciation of nature and of all the ecosystems we are fortunate to enjoy.

If each cottage owner makes a few small changes in their environmental practices, then together we can make a large difference in the long term health of our lake.

Areas of Focus

While Docktalk deals with a wide range of environmental issues, some of the primary topics covered are:

Why it is Important

Pollutant levels in our lakes are rising, and are becoming a cause for concern.  Certain contaminants, such as phosphorus, can trigger the growth of toxic algae blooms such as those that were found in Sturgeon Bay.  In a worst case scenario this can render our water unusable for drinking, washing, swimming, and boating, as well as drastically lowering our cottage property values.

How to Get More Information

You can read more about the DockTalk program in  the Fact Sheets which are available below.

Docktalk Fact Sheets.pdf Docktalk Fact Sheets

How to Get Involved

Meetings are confidential, free and held at your cottage.  They are scheduled on a voluntary basis, and generally are between 60 and 90 minutes in duration

The DockTalk program is finished for the 2008 season.