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Please send your questions to:


As a Six Mile Lake resident or cottage owner, would you like more information on the candidates who want to represent you on the Georgian Bay Township Council and at the District of Muskoka Council? 

In this election, your votes will be cast by telephone or internet only, from wherever you are, over an 11 day period.  The process is as easy as it can be, so help yourself and all of us to elect effective representatives.

Do you have a question or an issue affecting Six Mile Lake residents that you want the candidates for the October 22, 2018 election to address?

We would like to help our association members get to know the candidates for our area and where they stand on Six Mile Lake issues for the upcoming municipal election.  We plan to ask all the candidates who want your vote to share their position on the 4 or 5 top municipal issues facing our lake community, and we’ll post their responses on our website.

To do this, we need your help.  We will ask the candidates for their perspective on the current Six Mile Lake cottage size issue that is currently under consideration, and that will be addressed in a survey that will soon be sent to all owners.  However, what are the other 3 or 4 top issues that you want the candidates to address?

Please send us questions or issues that you would like the candidates to address.  Keep in mind that we are looking for questions/issues that are of relevance to many cottagers on the lake.  We will use your questions/issues, and those received from others, to consolidate and compile the 4-5 most relevant questions to put to the candidates.

Please send us your questions/issues by Sunday, September 16, 2018, so we can consider them for inclusion in our request to the candidates.

Six Mile Lake is located within Ward 3 of Georgian Bay Township.  Our Ward 3 also includes the north and west sides of Gloucester Pool and Little Lake, Baxter Lake, and the north and east shores of Severn Sound (Georgian Bay) between Port Severn and Moore Point.  For more detail, check out the Township’s Ward boundary map at   As residents of Ward 3, we are represented at Township Council by the Councillor for Ward 3, by the District Councillor for Wards 1 & 3, and by the Mayor.  The District Councillor and the Mayor also represent us at Muskoka District Council.

Accordingly, the 4 or 5 questions/issues that your input will help us to compile will be put to the following 6 candidates:

For Mayor:                                                 Larry Braid

Peter Koetsier


For District Councillor Wards 1&3:        Kristian Graziano

Paul Wiancko



For Councillor Ward 3:                             Brian Bochek

Susan Stokes


Watch our website for the candidate responses, to be posted in September. 

In the meantime, you may want to check to make sure you are registered to vote (or how you can get registered) by going to the 2018 Municipal Election section of the Georgian Bay Township website:, or by calling the Clerk’s Office at 705-538-2337, ext. 242.  Calling the Clerk is the fastest and easiest option.  Those who are registered will receive a letter with a PIN code and their online and telephone voting instructions prior to the voting period, which starts on October 12th and ends on October 22nd.   Look for the article in our Fall Echoes providing more information on voting details, who can vote, and the registration process.