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Gypsy Moth Caterpillars

During the month of June the gypsy moth caterpillars have been very active in many areas around Six Mile Lake. There are many trees that have been stripped of their leaves and the feasting will continue until the end of the month. At that point the caterpillars will retreat into their cocoon stage and remerge later in the summer as moths ready to lay their eggs for another batch of caterpillars next year.

Although we have had these infestations before, many people cannot remember the caterpillars being so toxic to the touch. There have been frequent reports of people suffering from significant allergic reactions when coming into contact with the caterpillars.

Ontario experienced significant peaks of gypsy moth populations in 1985, 1991, 2002, and 2020. In 2020, Ontario saw the highest outbreak of gypsy moths in the history of the moths being found in Ontario.

Some members have asked if the SMLCA intends to aerial spray the shorelines this year or next, and the answer is NO. It would be impossible to get permission from every cottager on the lake to spray their property. The liability for not doing so is huge! However, your road association might have better luck getting everyone on your road to agree to, and pay for, spraying from the air.

Summer Events

Pride Parade                    

Saturday June 26th.  Starting at 1:00 p.m. at the provincial park. It will take approximately 2-3 hours.

Safety rules to follow:

  1. Stay with your household/bubble.
  2. If joining by boat, be sure to have all of the safety gear required by law and a pleasure craft operator’s license.
  3. Maintain a safe speed and distance.
  4. Have fun!

Ice Cream Giveaway      

Cancelled for this year

Sailing Races                    

Every second Sunday starting July 4 –   1:40pm Registration start…see below and sixmilelake.net for details

Annual Regatta               

Cancelled for this year

Fireworks Show              

Sat. July 31, unless there is a fire ban in effect

Golf Tournament

To be decided in early July – This tournament has been discussed at each Board meeting this spring and each time we have put off making a decision pending changing conditions, rules and golf course expectations. Stayed tuned!

Virtual Artist Tour

Aug. 7 & 8….  Check sixmilelake.net website and Facebook for details

Virtual AGM

Wed. Oct. 27 in the evening

Sailing Races

We are running sailing races again… yeah! They will take place every second Sunday all summer. 2pm start, rain or shine, if and only if there is no lightning forecast and winds are under 20 km. wind. (Race pushes a week if canceled on account of weather). There are 6 races scheduled: July 4, July 18, Aug. 1, Aug. 15, Aug.29 and Sept. 12

Meet on lake at 1:40 pm for registration, rules review and tips. The course will be south east of Battleship Island starting near SE shore of main lake. Near E039  point.

Hint regarding start line: look for a gaggle of sailboats zipping back and forth near S.E. shore of main lake.

We are looking for a volunteer to share committee boat work. Please volunteer at: info@sixmilelake.net.

2021 Six Mile Lake Fishing Derby

The Six Mile Lake Fishing Derby sponsored by the SMLRA is back for the 2021 season! The Derby be open from June 26th through September 5th, 2021 for all open season fish species on Six Mile Lake.  The Derby is aimed at promoting catch and release fishing and strengthening the sense of community Six Mile Lake prides itself on.

Join in on the fun and keep the tradition going with other anglers on SML by registering to participate in this event and have a chance at:being one of the Six Mile Lake – 2021 Fishing Derby Champions

  • Receive a measuring tape just for registering
  • Receive the emailed fish report with leaderboard and photos
  • To register please send your full name(s), age if under 19, and email address to smlfishingderby@gmail.com.  A $10.00 single angler registration fee or $20 household angler registration fee will be required for entry.  Fees may be e-transferred to audrey@smlra.ca.

SMLCA&SMLRA Liaison Committee

There was no meeting during the month of June to report on.

However, the SMLCA Board has developed a plan to help our members understand the role and significance of the Official Plan Amendment Report issued by the planner hired by the SMLRA. The report was released in mid-May and can be viewed on the SMLRA website. Our Directors have contacted the Township to inform them of our plan to respond after we have obtained direction from our membership. We also confirmed the conditions with the Township for initiating any action involving the Landowners Survey results and an Official Plan Amendment. Their main condition is that any proposals should come from both cottage associations jointly.

We have contacted a planning consultant and are in discussions with them to investigate how to help our members understand the implications of this report and other options for making by-law changes based on the 2019 survey responses.

The SMLCA will have a detailed article in the Summer Echoes and will be arranging a virtual Town Hall meeting about the report, By-law changes, gross floor area and cottage size concerns.

At this point it is quite likely that we will develop another survey so that we can fully understand our member’s wishes. Clearly there is still a lot of input required before a lake community proposal can be presented to planning staff and Council.

The SMLCA will continue to try and work with all interested parties to reach a better consensus on the issues being considered.

Safe Quiet Lakes Survey

Safe Quiet Lakes is conducting their third lake activity survey this summer in partnership with lake associations and other organizations across our region. They want your input about topics involving boating on Muskoka Lakes. Forty-five of the 3,100 responses they have received so far are from Six Mile cottagers. Please add your voice!

The survey looks at what people value from their cottage experience, how they use the water and what their boating activity concerns are. This helps them to understand the priorities of lake users as well as providing information for advocacy and action by Safe Quiet Lakes. Past survey data has been shared with Transport Canada, municipalities, the OPP and boating organizations.

Click this link to go to the survey:  www.surveymonkey.ca/r/SQL2021

Please take 10-15 minutes of your valuable time to respond.

This survey closes Monday, July 12th, 2021.

Ontario Energy Board Hydro One Rate Increases

On the OEB.ca website cottagers can find the latest information about the procedural order No. 1 – Hydro One Networks Inc. – Elimination of Seasonal Rates – OEB File No. EB-2020-0246.

The website now has the answers to many common questions asked by hydro users across Ontario and a list of the individuals and groups who will be participating in the review hearings. No date has been set yet for the hearing that will result in an increase in hydro charges for most of us.


Six Milers are justifiably proud of having a cottage on this wonderful lake in Muskoka. Show your pride in your lake and the SMLCA heritage by ordering a flag for your flag pole. A mock-up of the flag is found at sixmilelake.net and is available in two sizes: 32”X72” for $65 and 48”X72” for $80 (plus tax). At this point we are still taking orders. We have enough orders to make this happen and we will follow up with you to confirm details and payment. Send your name, email address, the number of flags and size(s) to info@sixmilelake.net .

SMLCA Archives

Over the past 10 years the SMLCA Board has switched its archiving practices from saving, filing and preserving paper copies of key documents in the library at the Grace & Speed boat Museum in Gravenhurst, to mostly electronic files. Some of us made the switch much faster than others!

We need a volunteer with some experience in saving files to help us organize our archived files over the last 10 years. Training can be arranged but we are losing our history every year that this is not done. Please consider helping your cottage association by helping us archive our records.


The 2021 SMLCA Membership will help fund the activities that will occur this year and pay for all of the fixed costs our Association experiences. It will also allow you to attend and vote at the Virtual AGM in October. We need your renewal this month to assure uninterrupted services and programs.

Memberships Fees and Fireworks donations can be paid online, in person through any director, or by mailing in a cheque.

To Pay Online

Membership Fees and Fireworks Donations are separate payments online.

The link to pay Membership Fees is here: https://sixmilelake.net/asp-products/voting-membership/

The Link to make a Fireworks Donation is here: https://sixmilelake.net/asp-products/fireworks-donation/

To Pay in Person or Mail

Renewal forms were included in the recent mailing of the Echoes.  If you have misplaced that form you can download  it from our website at: https://sixmilelake.net/membership.

If you have trouble downloading the form, you can contact any Director to have them send it to you.  Remember – you will not have the opportunity to pay in person at the AGM or the Regatta – as the Regatta is cancelled this year and the AGM will be a virtual meeting in October.

To register for the AGM and participate in our members surveys this summer, we need the remaining 40% of our members to confirm for our membership team the email address of the one family member who is authorized by your family to be the primary contact to represent your cottage at the AGM and participate in any survey that we send to our members. Please confirm this person and email address at…. agm@sixmilelake.net . Provide your full name, phone number, email address, SMLCA Directory location and your Cottage 911 address. Thank you.

We sincerely hope that all of our members will enjoy a “second dose summer”. Let’s be safe out there. Keep your boat wake away from shores and respect other boater’s rights while enjoying your own. Don’t forget to put your boat lights on at night and keep your social and safety distance from others.