May 21, 2021 · Categories: News

O.E.B. Update

The Ontario Energy Board has issued a response letter describing the procedural steps they are taking prior to a formal Hearing with Hydro One. That hearing will decide how they eliminate the Seasonal Class rate and how to mitigate the increase in costs that will affect those who lose their Seasonal Classification. The OEB has created 13 questions from the public responses they have received and have asked Hydro One to provide plain language answers to those questions by April 26. Once the OEB is satisfied with the answers provided, they will post them on their website (search and quote the number EB-2020-0246). Then they will be setting the hearing date.

SMLCA/SMLRA Liaison Press Release – May 11

The SMLRA planner’s report based on the landowner’s survey results is now ready to be viewed.

It will be available on their website at The next step is to send it to Victoria Lemieux at the Georgian Bay planning department. We also discussed joint promotion of events happening this summer and agreed to share pertinent dates. Events such as the Fireworks Show, Sailing Races and the Artist Tour will run this summer but other events such as the Regatta, the Fishing Derby and the Ice Cream Giveaway will unfortunately not run due to Covid-19 restrictions. It is still not certain if we will have a Golf Tournament. We also discussed supporting and promoting the LGBTQ Pride Parade flotilla.

Safe Quiet Lakes Survey

In 2017 the Safe Quiet Lakes Association produced a survey about boating issues in Muskoka and that survey had over 3300 respondents.

This spring they have produced a new survey which probes more deeply the attitudes on boat motor decibels, impact of large wakes and speed, and continue to track evolving concerns such as “Are things getting better or worse?” and “Is boat traffic increasing?”.

The 2021 “Your Lakes, Your Views“ survey is open to all from May 20 until July 12, 2021. It is a series of questions that should take about 10 minutes to complete online and the results will be available in August.

Information on the Safe Quiet Lake Association can be found on their website here:  The SMLCA encourages its members to complete the Safe Quiet Lakes survey by following this link: so that your opinions are heard across Muskoka.

SMLRA Official Plan Amendment Report

The SMLRA planning report outlined above is now available for public review. The report outlines proposed O.P. amendments and Zoning Bylaw changes for the Six Mile Lake Community. The SMLCA members are asked to review the results of the Landowners Survey released in August 2019 on the SMLCA website at: and then carefully read the report prepared for the SMLRA. This report will be considered by the Township Planning Department along with input from the SMLCA membership over the next several months.

The Board of Directors of the SMLCA will be writing a letter to the Georgian Bay Township authorities informing them of the role the SMLCA will play in responding to this report and sharing their membership’s opinions on the survey results and possible O.P. and bylaw changes. Our plans will be confirmed at the next Board meeting on June 7th, but could include:

  • A virtual meeting with the Township authorities to confirm what they will need from the Six Mile Lake Community before acting on the survey results.
  • Hiring a planning consultant to assess this report and its implications.
  • Create a detailed article for the summer Echoes to provide education on the background of this report, its proposals and implications.
  • Host Town Hall virtual meeting(s) where members can ask questions of a professional planner and have their opinions heard about the survey results and this report.
  • Launch a survey soliciting member’s opinions on the proposed, and alternative bylaw changes, that are developed as a result of member involvement in the virtual Town Hall meeting(s).
  • Continue to work with the SMLRA to encourage the Township to implement changes called for in the 2019 Landowners Survey.

We encourage you and your family to participate in this project because choices made today will have long term effects on the community and natural character of the lake.

If you have any questions about this report, please contact us at

Want A SMLCA Flag For Your Cottage?

Six Milers are justifiable proud of having a cottage on this wonderful lake in Muskoka. It is a world class setting and real estate prices are proving that. Show your pride in your lake and the SMLCA history by ordering a flag for your flag pole. A mock-up of the flag is found at and is available in two sizes: 32”X72” for $65 and 48”X72” for $80 (plus tax). At this point we are just taking orders to establish demand and we will follow up to confirm details and payment. Send your name, email address, the number of flags and size(s) to .

Golf Tournament

At the time of writing this newsletter the Province of Ontario has seen fit to prohibit the opening of golf courses for the foreseeable future. This puts our traditional long August weekend golf tournament in limbo. The decision to cancel it or not will be made in June, but just so you can plan ahead, that is our current thinking.

Looking for a job this summer?

Georgian Bay Forever is looking for 4 Education Outreach Coordinators who will help fight invasive Phragmites plant. Two positions will be offered in Georgian Bay Township based in Honey Harbour, and two in Tay Township.

Invasive Phragmites has been identified as one of the most destructive invasive plant species – you’ll be helping communities stop its spread and helping protect wetlands and habitat! We are looking for people with a boat licence and car driver licence among other requirements. If you like helping the environment and your community – this is a great opportunity. The salary is $16 per hour with a 35-hour work week. This entry level full-time contract position will begin June 7th and end September 3rd.

Contact the Georgian Bay Forever Project Coordinator and enquire about the Education Outreach Program Coordinator positions at .

A.E.D. Update

Unfortunately the limited time offer on a great price for an AED defibrillator for your cottage neighbourhood expired on May 22. The Heartsine 350P model will stay at the reduced price until May 25, then it increases slightly to $1199. The new order form can be found on the SMLCA website here: SMLCA Directors Bernadette Mitchell and Rick Jocsac will continue to research and share valuable information about important time saving procedures and first aid advice including CPR, should someone near your cottage suddenly experience cardiac distress.


Cottagers are reminded that the months of May and June is membership renewal time.

Member “VOTING” Memberships can be paid online using this link:

Subscriber “NON-VOTING” Memberships can be paid online using this link:

Please note you will not have the opportunity to pay in person at the AGM or the Regatta – these in-person events have been cancelled again this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Your 2021 SMLCA membership will help fund the activities that will occur this year and pay for all of the fixed costs our association experiences. It will also allow you to attend and vote at the Virtual AGM in October. To register for the AGM and participate in our members surveys this summer, we need the remaining 40% of our members to confirm for our membership team the email address of the one family member who is authorized by your family to be the primary contact to represent your cottage at the AGM and participate in any survey that we send to our members. Please confirm this person and email address at…. . Provide your full name, phone number, email address, SMLCA Directory location and your Cottage 911 address. Thank you.

Fireworks Donations are a separate payment not linked to memberships/subscribers.  Last year we had to delay the fireworks to Labour Day in part because we had not generated enough donations to assure a good show.

Fireworks Donations can be made online here:

Thanks for looking after those money & business details. June is almost here and that is priceless. We know you are looking forward to a well-deserved summer break from the stresses of the pandemic and we are working to ensure that you and your family have a safe, enjoyable time at the lake where we ‘Share the Dream’ together.