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Summer Activities Update

Due to the Covid-19 issues, we want to remind everyone that the Regatta will not run this year. The Golf Tournament which generally takes place the August long weekend has also been cancelled.

However, thanks to the creativity and hard work of Mary Boddy and Heather Connell-Brown the Virtual Art Tour is available through on Facebook and is running all summer. Details on the Artist’s work and tour (Aug. 8&9) can be found on the page here: https://www.facebook.com/Sixmilelakeartisttour/

2020 Annual Fireworks Show

The 2020 Annual Fireworks Show has been postponed to Saturday September 5 at dusk. A number of factors went into the decision:

  • We started July with a fire-ban and the long term forecasts were calling for continued dry and hot weather. There were concerns that we would once again find ourselves in the midst of a fire-ban that would delay the show and when this happens, there are additional costs associated with storing the fireworks.
  • Although we believe that our show meets current social distancing expectations from the province of Ontario, we need the approval of the Township and the O.P.P. who also need to understand that although our event will attract well over 100 people, they are in their social bubbles. Hopefully by late August the allowable numbers for crowds will be bigger and this will be less of a concern.
  • Finally, we have collected about $8,000 in donations which is not quite enough and we were hoping that by promoting the show a little longer we will reach our minimum required goal of $10,000. The Fireworks show is completely funded through community donations. We do believe that a Fireworks show on the Labour Day weekend is feasible, but will need more contributions.

Donations can be made online through our website: https://sixmilelake.net/products/ or to donate with cash/cheque, please contact any member of the Board of Directors to make arrangements.

AGM Update

As we reported in May, there will not be an in-person Annual General Meeting (AGM) this summer. The Provincial Emergency Order and the Ontario Corporation Act has extended the deadlines for holding this compulsory meeting and have provided additional guidelines for holding meetings virtually online. The SMLCA has 90 days after the Emergency Order ends to hold our Annual General Meeting and complete the required annual business of elections and presenting financial reports. We have been reaching out to various service providers who offer assistance in running a virtual AGMs (V-AGM), as well as reviewing an offer from FOCA to host our V-AGM. We would like to thank cottagers Andy Beinhaus and Jon Rennie who responded to our appeal for advice and suggestions on how we might host a V-AGM that works for all of our Members.

There are many challenges and unanswered questions at this time about how to host and run a V-AGM. Many other cottage associations are equally puzzled. When would be the best time? How would voting for Directors and motions be handled? How could a host keep track of motions, amended motions, motions from the floor and questions or comments from all those who would like to speak to a motion?

At this point we know that we do not want to run our meeting on the weekend because the internet in cottage country does not have the bandwidth to support good video and audio connections. Service providers would like to host our meeting on a week day during business hours, but that would exclude too many cottagers who are working. An evening meeting would be the best option, but we would need skilled people available to help us run the technical functions.

We have learned that standard procedures such as amended motions and motions from the floor are very difficult to achieve in a virtual meeting. It would also be more cumbersome to hold our election of new Directors, and then immediately run a second election for our named Officer positions of President, Vice-President(s), Treasurer and Secretary from those successfully elected Directors. Service providers require all motions and candidate information up front to prepare their polling (voting) technologies.

As we work our way through those options, we are revising and streamlining the typical AGM agenda to make the eventual V-AGM meeting as simple and productive as possible. So, this new option of a virtual meeting is creating restrictions and challenges that we have not seen before and it will take time to find solutions as we investigate how other similar associations have run their meetings. It is even possible that we may not have a V-AGM until some evening in September! We will continue to update you as we work out a good plan for our V-AGM and will give our members at least 30 days advance notice of the date for the V-AGM.

Board of Directors & Nominations Update

Since mid-March your Board of Directors has been meeting virtually via Zoom. Sarah McKinney, Vice-President, has stepped down as a Director and Harold Toiviainen has rejoined the team as a guest as we adjust to a very different summer. While the Board will also have another 2-3 Directors who will not run for re-election at our next AGM, we are very pleased to report that we have received nominations from another 7 volunteers willing to assume a leadership role within the SMLCA.

At this time the following people have indicated that they would like to run for a position of Director for 2020-21. We will be sharing their ‘bios’ after we fix the date for the AGM. There is still time for additional names to be added to the list.

Frank Boddy
Denise Edwards
Craig Cameron
Vince Hosick
Rick Jocsak
Allan Hopkirk
Bernadette Mitchell
Harold Toiviainen
Jason Wilson
Tony Schmidt
Adrian Koene
Wayne Gills


Even though the summer of 2020 will be remembered as a summer of minimal social activities on the lake, the SMLCA still needs you to renew your membership. Your active support of our programs and volunteerism encourages us to think outside the box and continue to provide services despite the current restrictions. We need and appreciate your support as we continue to pay our fixed costs such as the Directory and the Echoes newsletters, insurance and navigation requirements.

We know many of our Members like to pay their annual dues at the AGM and Regatta – and with those events not happening as they would in the normal course, we would encourage payment online through our website here: https://sixmilelake.net/products/

Thank you.