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Gypsy (LDD) Moths and Caterpillars

By now you have noticed that most of the caterpillars have entered their pupae stage and have retreated to dark brown, crusty cocoons by shedding their caterpillar skins. Some of the moths are already starting to appear. The darker moths are males and they are eager fliers, but the lighter coloured females do not move around very much.

Once the feeding ceases, our trees have the ability to produce a second crop of leaves that will enable them to continue to grow throughout the summer. Only after 2-3 successive summers of defoliation might some of the weaker trees be damaged.

The Township and the SMLCA are not considering the possibility of any aerial surveying for next spring, but individual road associations might be motivated to secure permission from all property owners on their road and raise money to hire an aerial sprayer. Another option is to consider the following …….

From late June to August, large caterpillars may move down tree trunks during hot days. To target these, you can create a ‘skirt trap’ – wrap a large piece of burlap around the trunk fastened by twine or rope around the middle, fold the top half of the burlap over the twine so there is overhang that the caterpillars can crawl under. Check the trap every afternoon and place caterpillars and pupae in a bucket of soapy water for 48+ hours. This method may also trap females in their moth stage (from July to August). The same steps can be applied.

Will we have another outbreak in June 2022? That is somewhat unpredictable and depends on winter and early spring weather patterns. Extended winter days of extreme cold have been proven to have an impact on overwintering larvae found in egg masses above the snow line. This is one reason to wish for a long, cold winter!

Engage Georgian Bay Website

Georgian Bay Township has launched a new website: https://engagegeorgianbay.ca/ as a way for Council to share with taxpayers their projects, plans and ideas and a way to look for our feedback. This new communication tool is another way for residents to stay informed about municipal initiatives and share thoughts and ideas to guide decision-making in our community.

Zebra Mussels, Water Clarity and Weeds

Reports from Six Mile cottagers indicate that there are significantly fewer zebra mussels in the lake this year, and that would help explain why the water is not as clear this summer. Heavy rainfalls in July have also contributed to the lack of clarity. Some parts of the lake are reporting heavier than usual weed growth and not necessarily the Eurasian Milfoil. Some bays have unexpected large growths of spiral, or large leaf, pondweed plants that are making navigation by some boats difficult. All of these changes could be a one year variation often the result of unusual weather conditions.

Lake Partner Program

To help monitor these changes we are glad to announce that despite another Covid summer, the provincial government has restored full funding to the Lake Partner Program that has monitored water quality in many lakes across Ontario for many years. Thanks to our volunteer, Claude Bagley, he and his team will be taking water samples from several spots on the lake and sending them to Dorset to be analysed and entered into their data base that looks for long term trends.

Invasive Species

As part of an initiative that FOCA is undertaking with the Invasive Species Centre (ISC), Six Mile Lake has been selected to participate in an exciting aquatic invasive species monitoring program called IsampleON this summer.

Six Mile was chosen based on a number of criteria, including transient boats, chemistry, and location, and as a potentially at-risk lake for zebra mussels and spiny water flea.

We are fortunate that a previous SMLCA Director, Laura Matthews, has agreed to be our volunteer in this program and she will receive all the sampling materials, sample collection training, and technical support. Laura will collect 3 water samples + 1 eDNA sample over one day and ship them to the ISC for lab analysis. We then hope that Laura will share information about invasive species prevention in your community and she will receive our lake results in September. At that point we will all learn more about the health of our lake and how to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasives.

Summer Events

Ice Cream Give Away and Regatta cancelled this year….sorry!

Sailing Races

Continue every second Sunday (next races are Aug. 1 & 15) starting at 2pm, weather permitting). Register at 1:40 southeast of Battleship Is. Starting near the SE shore near Directory property E039.


Scheduled for Sat. July 31, unless there is a fire ban in place. Donations still accepted…..go to membership renewal page at sixmilelake.net.

Golf Tournament

Conditions including vaccine coverage, new variants and provincial rules are changing daily, so we will delay making a final decision about golf and maybe look for a tournament after the long August weekend. Stay tuned!

Virtual Artist Tour

Aug. 7 & 8. Check the sixmilelake.net website and Facebook for details.

Virtual AGM

The virtual Annual General Meeting will take place on the evening of October 27. If you would like to see a particular topic or motion put on the AGM agenda then please submit that to the Board of Directors at info@sixmilelake.net before Sept. 27. If you would like to volunteer to run in the election for a Director position for 2022, then send your nomination to nominations@sixmilelake.net, again by Sept. 27. Pre-registration for paid-up members will begin on Sept. 13.

Director ‘Retires’

The SMLCA Board would like to acknowledge that Vince Hosick who has been a committee member and Director since 2016, stepped down as Director at the end of June. Vince worked many hours helping to revise our By-laws and running the rRaffle pPrize table at the regatta and we have appreciated his contributions over the years. Thank you Vince for a job well done.

SMLCA Archives

The Board is pleased to announce that we have not one, but two volunteers who have agreed to help rescue our electronic history and create an online archive of all our public documents over the past 12 years. They are also considering reaching back even further to create a multi-media archive showing our shorelines, annual activities and special events over the last few decades.


A reminder that our lake does have a public tennis court on Berwick Rd. – look for the sign about a quarter of a kilometer after the turn onto Berwick from Bayview Road. It is accessible by car and by water with access from a ‘Tennis Boat Dock’ on Crooked Bay. There is parking for about 6 cars and an outhouse on site. The court is owned and maintained by the Township and operates on a first come first to play basis. The court was built in late 1990s and is an asphalt surface. There was a small club at one time, but we need new volunteers to revitalize this great activity. If you are interested in being part of a tennis club to meet other players on the lake, please forward your name to info@sixmilelake.net

Membership and Fireworks Donations

Covid has reduced our in-person donations for the Fireworks Show again this year. There is a little time left to make your donation and pump up our contributions up to the next level, assuring a super show on July 31. Donations can be made through our website here: https://sixmilelake.net/asp-products/fireworks-donation/. Thank you.

To maintain your delivery of the Echoes Newsletter, the Directory next spring, monthly emails and your AGM registration details, we need your membership renewal, or new membership, paid up now. Go to https://sixmilelake.net/membership/ to discover the many ways you can pay this year.

Final Thoughts

So far we have had a warm dry spring and a wetter than normal summer. But, dry, hot weather will return to help you and your family make more cottage memories together. Get your shots, keep your distance from other boats and the shore, and wave to your fellow cottagers as you pass them in their boat or on their dock. We are sharing a wonderful heritage in a world class environment;, let’s be thankful and proud of all that we have, courtesy of all those who have come before us. And, pay it all forward to our next generation of little Six Milers!