AGM Update

The Board of Directors continue to monitor provincial and municipal pandemic forecasts and Emergency Order directives. We also must abide by Not-for-Profit Corporation rules and Ontario Corporation Act rules regarding the Emergency Order extension we have received regarding the nature and timing of our AGM.

As previously confirmed in our email of May 21 (posted to our website here: an in-person AGM will not happen in June (and now not possible in July or August), so a virtual AGM is looking more and more likely. Running a virtual AGM with the voting procedures that we follow is presenting a challenge and we are actively seeking technical help in this field. Several Members have contacted us to share their technical expertise and we are evaluating a few different platforms for cost & relevant features.

We will soon share the ‘bios’ of those Members who wish to run for a Director’s position during the next AGM and the agenda items and new business requests we have received to date. The deadline for those items will also be extended to coincide with the (yet to be decided) new date of the AGM.

As we progress through this process, we will continue to keep you updated.

Summer Activities Update

Like the AGM, COVID-19 issues have forced us to evaluate our planned summer activities and whether or not they should continue, be adjusted, or cancelled for this year. These have been incredibly difficult decisions as these events are near and dear to so many of the community who participate in them. We ran a few polls on the SMLCA Facebook page for the bigger events and thank everyone for providing their input.

The following events have been cancelled:

The dock-sale. ice-cream give-away, old battery collection, cleanup crews, and the Regatta.

The following events have been adjusted:

The 4th Annual (Virtual) Artist Tour – August 8 & 9: Mary Boddy and Heather Connell-Brown are working together to set up a safe ‘virtual’ artist tour this summer. A SML Facebook page attached to the Six Mile Group will be set up where each artist will post their bio, photos and prices of their artwork. Artists will outline their own hours, pick up and payment options. Each artist will be responsible for whatever social distancing is recommended by the province at the time of the tour. If you are interested in participating please contact Mary at with your bio, location and a few photos of your art work. Once the FB page is up and running you can add yourself and all the photos you want.

The 15h Annual Fireworks Show – We hope to run the Fireworks show in a safe and socially distant way. Pyro Mario is keen to work with our team of volunteers (6 ft. apart of course) but we are still subject to Fire Regulations and whether or not the Township and O.P.P. consider our event as medically safe under the conditions that exist in early August.

The following event is still under consideration:

16th Annual Golf Tournament – We are in discussions with the golf club regarding the tournament and whether or not they have guidelines (or restrictions) for us to consider that would impact our ability to continue with this event. We will advise everyone on the status soon.

New events:

We are working on a new geocaching event to encourage cottagers to join in a ‘safe bubble’ treasure hunt and discover different parts of our lake. We hope that geocachers on the lake interested in helping us organize a lake-wide day will contact us through

We will keep you up-to-date as these plans and others are confirmed.

Membership Renewal

The Membership period runs from June 1 to May 31 every year. If you have not yet renewed your dues or signed up for your Membership, now is the time! Instructions for paying for Membership Dues and links to pay online can be found on our website here:

A Membership is required to vote on important matters that impact the SMLCA and your participation in this year’s AGM as a paid member will be critical to the stability of the SMLCA. Unlke previous years when the AGM was an in-person event and participants could pay for their Membership dues at the meeting, renewals or new memberships will need to be completed in advance of the Virtual AGM (date to be decided) to ensure proper registration of participants, voting, and management of the meeting.

We appreciate that some of our Members – with many of the typical summer events cancelled this summer – may be second guessing the relevance of renewing their membership for 2020. While some events are being cancelled, Membership dues cover more than just social activities and there are many programs that need funding. 2020 is a directory year and the Association has fixed costs related to the Echoes publication, Navigation, and operating costs that it has to cover. Your support through Membership dues will help us continue to plan for a time when we can come together again to enjoy the lake community as we always have.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this unusual summer of 2020.

Welcome to Rick Jocsak

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Rick Jocsak as our newest Director. We have had a Director Position open since last fall and over the winter Rick (Haskett’s Drive) put his name and impressive resume on the table and met with individual Directors and the Board. We were pleased that he accepted our offer to join us and he has already made a significant contribution to the planning we have done this spring. Welcome aboard Rick.

Landowners Survey Review Committee Update

The Landowner Survey Review Committee met several times over the last 6 months to discuss next steps with regards to the 2019 Landowner Survey results. The Committee contacted the Six Mile Lake Ratepayers Alliance (SMLRA) in February and March to broach the possibility of sharing information and ideas. Unfortunately timing prevented the meeting from happening and subsequently the SMLRA had a change in direction. In late March, the Committee contacted the senior planner for the Township to discuss the possibility of the Township steering the required changes to the Zoning By-Laws. The COVID-19 Emergency Work Order, closing of the Township offices, and working from home meant a delay in our meeting with the Planner until late April. The Township planner was receptive to our request, will contact the SMLRA and their hired planner, and work towards a report for public consideration.